© Melissa Nowakowski 2008

Whether it's a wedding, a social event or a corporate party, finding the perfect takeaway (otherwise known as the 'favour', the 'giveaway', etc) can be a daunting task. Nic Naks are often avoided -- why give your guests something that they can't use? Jordan almonds, the boxed truffle, personalized cookies, the bamboo plant...all have been done time and time again and have lost their "oh wow, how neat" factor.

We've found an edible takeaway that's bright, fun, oh so tasty...and not your average takeaway...chocolate covered sunflower seeds!

That's right, sunflower seeds dipped in chocolate and available in super cute colours. Who would have thunk?

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds are the hottest thing to hit the chocolatier market and you can find them in a variety of places.

The Cocoa Room has the best colour options. You can choose one solid colour or boxed seeds in a mixture of colours whether it is orange, pink and red to lime green, yellow and orange. Prices start at $6.50 U.S for a 4 oz. box and end at $17.32 U.S for 12 oz.

Adam & Eve Chocolatiers in Toronto (97 Maitland St.) carries Cocoa Room products already boxed and in different colour combinations. Although a bit pricier than their U.S supplier (prices start at $8 for a 4 oz box), discounts can be worked out depending on the amount. This planner managed to score 100 4 oz boxes at $6 each.

Laura Secord carries chocolate covered sunflower seeds as well in long, skinny containers but only in a rainbow mix. They sell for $6 per box.

And if you're not picky about select colours (in other words you love the rainbow mix), select locations of Bulk Barn carry them at a heavenly price.

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds are not only a sweet alternative to the traditional edible takeaways but these cute and quirky favours might just add a bit of sunshine to your evening!