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Let me preface this blog post with the following:

1. I am not a nutritionist, personal trainer or weight loss expert.

2. I'm not here to sell you anything. If you want the latest fad diet you've come to the wrong blog girlfriend.

3. I am not a naturally fit girl. My natural size is somewhere between chunky and squishy.

I would imagine that this blog post may ruffle some feathers, raise some eyebrows or roll some eyes, and I'm sure you're probably wondering how an event planner could possibly have anything to say on the subject of weight loss.

I was inspired to write this post after a few things happened this past week; I received my fourth email from a personal trainer "encouraging" me to send my Brides to them to, quote, "look fabulous in their wedding gown", I had to listen to...er..stomach...a radio ad for plastic surgery targeted at Brides while driving, and I've had a couple of clients mention the latest fad diet they're going to attempt in order to lose wieght for their wedding.

So here are my thoughts on what I think every Bride out there needs to know about weight loss for their wedding.

Everyone, and I mean everyone wants to look fabulous for any celebration at which they are the guest of honor. It's understandable, quite common and weddings are the epidomy of this. I mean think about it -- that anticipation of walking down that aisle with all eyes on you...that anxiety and desperate need of knocking your hubby-to-be's socks off... well, it's enough for any gal to run to the latest Liquid-Nothing Diet.

But here's the one thing that I want Brides to think about...and I mean, really think about...what do you want your "audience" to notice more: how much weight you've lost or how happy and beautiful you look? 'Cause I'll give you a hint -- one of them doesn't require weight loss. You want to look like YOU on your wedding day...and if that YOU comes with rolls and jiggles so be it. No friend or family member is going to watch you strut down that aisle in that ah-mazing gown covered in bling and think to themselves "You know, she would be even more of a beautiful bride if she just lost ten pounds". You're probably snickering at this. Know why? Because it's TRUE. 

And as far as knocking your man's socks off at the altar... you knocked his socks off the day he met you, remember? Imperfections and all. He already thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world and what's really on his mind when you're walking down that aisle is how incredibly lucky he is to have landed such an awesome babe like you. Remember that this guy has seen you at your worst...your most bloated day, that day you spent vomitting, whatever. Do you really think that losing a few pounds (or a lot) is going to change how he views you? He loves you for YOU. Not how you look in that gown.

Oh, and speaking of gowns...order the right size and you don't have to worry about suffering through that cleanse two weeks before your wedding day. Don't place the "hopeful" order, place the "truth" order. Knowing your dress is two sizes smaller than your natural rib cage is not going to motivate you to lose weight (trust me on this one ladies). All it will do is stress you the hell out.

Now that I've thrown in a little dose of reality, I'm positive that there are Brides reading this saying to themselves "Well I'm not just doing it for the wedding, I want to lose weight for good"...If that's the Scout's Honor truth than good on ya babe! But here's the thing...you have to understand that fad diets, magic pills and the like will only help you shed poundage quickly and short term. If you're dead serious about getting healthy and fit you have to be prepared to make a lifestyle change. What does that mean? It means that whatever path you embark on will NEVER END. This is it. You're doing it for life. Which means you have to do to your research and find that path that will best work for you...not for right now, but for always. If you joined a gym, you will continue going to the gym long after the wedding day. If you started eating healthy foods, you're eating that way for life. Your personal trainer will become your best friend. The inside of your fridge will forever be colourful. McDonalds will miss you. You get the idea.

You also have to be mentally (and emotionally) prepared for the fact that lifestyle changes don't make miracles happen overnight. You won't necessarily see the weight plummet in a few weeks. It could take months. Maybe even a year or more to see results. And that's OK. Why? Because no matter how long the journey takes, you'll feel better, healthier, more energetic through every part of it. And THAT, my Brides to be, is what will give you that beautiful glow. Not whatever magic potion you drank this morning (or what Doctor with a scapel tells you.)

Lifestyle changes are not easy. They're hard work. They take patience, dedication and a positive outlook no matter what pitfalls you may encounter in the process. It's for life.

The main point is this: if you want to lose weight, do it because you want to make a positive lifestyle change -- because you want to feel like the Godess that your future hubby sees right now. And you want to feel that way now and for always. NOT because you want to fit some mold of what you or the media think a Bride should look like...and for just one day. Be YOU. Be the woman that your man fell in love with, the lady that your family and friends love more than anything, the Bride strutting her stuff in her wedding dress with the body she has and the happy glow she just aquired because it's her wedding day and she's happy dammit.

Now go rock that walk down the love-glazed runway and marry the man of your dreams...as YOU. Jjiggles and all.


Out with the old and in with the new! 2013 is upon us and with it comes a boat load of new trends for the Wedding Industry. While we're not personally big on instilling trends into the weddings we plan, we still keep track of what's going on out there. Because hey, if something becomes a trend, it's because it's hot. And we love hot stuff. Really. After all, we love the challenge of taking a trend and tweaking it just enough so that it's new and original.

So what's in store for Brides and Grooms getting hitched in 2013?


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 A few short months ago Pantone released its top colour choices for Spring 2013 and I have to admit, I'm a big fan of some of them. First up, the steely blue section with "Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue". They're my faves. Crisp, sophisticated and amazing to pair with other colours. You also have the jewel tones in there as well with "Grayed Jade" and "Emerald" to provide rich tones to your wedding.


 Flash Mobs aren't really new. And personally, This Planner is really over the trend. But I'm pretty sure what we'll see surfacing this year are Wedding Parties and guests banding together to create Flash Mobs dancing the infamous moves to none other than the You Tube sensation "Gangnam Style". 


With the up and coming theatre release of the new version of The Great Gatsby I have no doubt in my mind that this theme is going to be the most requested for weddings. Zuit suits, skull caps, wide-brimmed hats, flapper-inspired gowns and feathers galore will be popping up in weddings across the globe.


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With new technology abound, couples can now rest easy when those they love can't make it to the nuptuals. With Live Streaming, no-show guests can follow the action online and virtually take part in the festivities. 


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Photo booths were all the rage for weddings in 2011 and 2012 and while I don't forsee them dying out completely I do see a change in focus from the photo booths to video booths. Rather than using photo booths as favors, couples will be utilizing video booths as an alternative to the traditional guestbook and receiving video messages from their guests that they'll cherish for years to come. 


 Lounge-style wedding receptions will continue to populate the wedding trend list but what I predict we'll see much more of are "VIP Lounge Areas" set up at weddings that follow the traditional table seating format. These Lounge Areas will provide guests a place in which they can kick back and relax during the party/dancing portion of the evening without having to leave the main room.


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Photo courtesy of Amina Michele
Photo courtesy of Amina Michele

From menu embellishments, hair accessories, bouquets and fashion to chair accessories and linens, lace and feathers are on the up and up on the trend list. Perhaps it's a throwback to The Great Gatsby era as mentioned above or perhaps it's just the combination of sophistication, delicateness and whimsy, but I'm sure you'll see lace and feathers popping up in all things weddings this year.


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Equal to that of lace and feathers, patterns and prints are on the rise for this year. Linens, Bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns and chair covers will all adopt fresh new patterns or bold prints, setting themselves apart from the usual solid colour tones.


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This past year was the year for Blush. Wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and shoes featuring this shade all had their bask in the wedding glow. But this year, bold is back. And we're not talking hints of colour either. From the richness of royal blue to the blaze of fiery red, wedding gowns are taking the aisle back by storm and moving the audience reaction from "awww" to "holy cow!".