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 This Planner loves Christmas. And when I say, love, I mean LOVE. I'm the type of person who has the Christmas tree and decorations up as soon as Halloween is over. And while I'm always encouraging straying from the typical "winter wonderland", yada, yada, yada for Christmas weddings or winter weddings and opting for more unique themes and styling that steer clear of the usual... there's something to be said for that fuzzy, warm feeling of tradition.

What you don't experience with a lot of Winter Weddings is "gitchy" Christmas -- taking the most cheesy (yet fun!) aspects of Christmas...the "feel good", "when I think of Christmas..." aspects and incorporating them into the wedding. Oh you might see a small detail here and there. But rarely do you see an entire wedding outfitted with the best of the best of the Holiday spirit.

Not sure how to pull off a "gitchy" Christmas wedding? Here are just a few ideas:

Have the Groom and Groomsmen dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters instead of the typical suits and ties. For the girls, have them dress up in red dresses adorned with white faux-fur stoles or muffs. Even your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer can get in on the fun whether dressing up in little red tutu-dresses and checkered sweater-vests or dressing up as little Santa's helpers.

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Hang mistletoe over the entrance to the venue so that guests can share some holiday smooches (have a photographer handy to catch the action as the guests enter as a fun giveaway). Or have guests pose for a photo with Santa himself!

Forgo the typical, elegant ornaments in a vase or white branches with crystals as centerpieces and have small Christmas trees or Gingerbread houses instead.

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Rather than a typical head table backdrop, line the wall with evergreens decorated for Christmas.  

Hand out candy-cane reindeer as favors (you know the ones...try not smiling when you get one). Or hand out individually gift-wrapped fruitcake.

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 Rather than custom-made invitations, send out your wedding details a la cheesy, wintery-landscape Christmas cards (you know the ones..)

Serve up Christmas-y favourites like egg nogg in moose mugs (think National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation), turkey with all the trimmings, hot apple cider or hot chocolate, mince meat pies, etc. 

Have carolers sing during the cocktail hour or heck, even during the ceremony! Or host a post-dinner caroling session around a bonfire outside.

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Yes, when one thinks of Winter Weddings or Christmas weddings they tend to think of the romantic, elegant side of things. But at the same time, going the complete opposite and having a fun, quirky Christmas theme with all the trimmings can give that Christmas-morning feeling to the wedding. After all, Christmas is a time for family and friends...and you've already got that part covered. Now to add all the things that you personally love about Christmas and have a fun-filled wedding that will have your guests leaving chock-full of the Christmas spirit.