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As a wedding and event planner I always strive to find unique colour combinations for my clients. After all, who wants the ho-hum of black and white or be a trend groupie with last year's colours of the wedding season?

Here are the top three colour combos that Et Lofte Events will be showcasing in their events this year:

DRAW IN YOUR GUESTS WITH GREY AND RED: There's a big misconception that the grey and red combo is for Gothic-inspired events. While in some cases that may be true, grey and red can actually be a stunning combination of sophstication that offers lots of variety in decor and style. It's all in how you play with it!

TICKLE US WITH TURQUOISE AND PURPLE: Bright, bold and most importantly, FUN! How can you not feel energetic and happy with this colour combo? Pair it up with quirky decor and florals and you have a whismical event. Match it with clean lines and stylish accessories and you have a chic soiree.

OH THE POWER OF LIME: Lime green is this planner's all time favourite colour to work with as it goes so well with so many colours on the wheel. Pair it up with pink for a soft look or couple it with black for funky, modern personality. Lime and brown works well as a compromise between soft and bold and Lime matched with plum is vibrant and fun!

Never be afraid to play around with colour. Some of the most unlikely colour combinations create huge impact for any event.

Happy planning!



You have to love William Sonoma for it's innovative kitchen ideas. You have to love them even more for offering an idea that can be applied to any event.

For the optimum Do-It-Yourself-er, the Message in a Cookie cutters set makes beautiful personalized cookies for any occasion. The set includes hear, star and scalloped cutters that include phrases, words and letters so that you can "typeset" a personal message to your guests or carry out your theme.

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Add a dab of food colouring to your fave sugar cookie recipe (to match your colour scheme of course!), imprint your personal message and toss 'em in the oven and voila! Your very own set of personalized cookies ready to jump in action as your favours, placecards or as an addition to your invites!

Now how sweet is that?