© Melissa Nowakowski July 2010

Gone are the days when couples married on account of an unplanned pregnancy. Further to that, good riddins to that time when couples felt they needed to conceal a pregnancy on their wedding day. That lil' peanut growing in that Bride's belly is soon to play a very special part in an engaged couple's lives, so why shouldn't it play a special part in one of their most memorable celebrations?

Rather than subdue the pregnancy in your nuptuals, why not play it up? From fashion to favours to subtle decorative touches, a pregnancy can add a fun, whimsical element to your wedding day. While you don't want to turn your wedding day into a full-out baby shower, adding just the right "baby-to-be" touches will bring out the perfect blend of two momentous celebrations.


Rather than try to fit into the boning of a sihouette or corseted gown or choosing gowns that will hide the belly, opt for gowns that flaunt it! There are a ton of options out there -- from elegant and sophisticated to fun and "darling" -- that won't leave a bride feeling frumpy. A pregnant bride is already glowing, the dress will be a secondary focus on the wedding day!


Thank your guests in a fun, carefree way while giving them a "taste" of things to come. From adorable lollipops, to candy or chocolates in cute button matchstick boxes to expandable towlettes disguised as candy rolls, the possibilities are endless and won't leave guests stuck with a nick nack they'll have to put out when you visit.


Incorporating your pregnancy into the Gift Registry can be tricky. You don't want it to be all about baby. That's what baby showers are for. However if the items on your gift registry are suave and sophisticated, add in a few equally chic baby items that you would never think of purchasing yourself. This planner's favourites? The Dior silver baby bottle, silver plated baby rattle and silver engraved baby spoon from Birks.


A few other "little" touches to add to the wedding day? Why not subtly tuck a crystal or silver-plated baby rattle into the bridal bouquet? Having a crystal monogram cake topper? Rest a crystal baby soother in front of the monogram. Incorporating a family or memory table? Use framed baby photographs of your parents, relatives and even yourselves rather than photographs of them as adults.

A baby is as much a part of a couple's new life together as love itself. Adding some special touches will make that memorable event that much more memorable, not just to the couple but to that baby who will one day be looking at those wedding photographs with them.