As a Planner, it's inevitable to grow close to your clients and have them leave a lasting impression on both your career and your life. But it's not often that you have a couple that are so genuinely happy and fun that you can't help but leave their presence...well, happy! Vivienne was one of those Brides whose personality was so darling that you would literally want to squish her. And Michael, her Groom, was equally fabulous with an amazing sense of humour, a charming personality and an incredible desire to make their wedding everything that Vivenne dreamed of and that their guests would never forget.

From stunning decor, an incredible cake and Samba dancers to a surprise 'Glee' performance from an acapella group for the Bride this wedding left no stone unturned in terms of beauty and entertainment. Yet more importantly, the love between Vivienne and Michael couldn't have been more evident and pronounced, leaving everyone in their presence glowing.

Here's a sneak peak of their wedding day provided by the fabulous Konrad at FreshSox (and somehow This Planner wound up in it!)