So we've shared our top six favourite wedding and event ideas this Holiday Season in Part One of Et Lofte Events' Twelve Days of Christmas/Events. And without furthur adeu, here is Part Two with the other half of our fave concepts and ideas:


We've all become accustomed to seeing a couple's engagement photos on display at weddings. These photos are usually of the couple looking adoringly into each other's eyes in picturesque settings whether urban, nature-inspired or with archetectural interest. What we don't see however, is the couple in their natural surroundings. Why not have engagement photos taken of the couple doing things that they love to do together -- from the mundane to the extreme. Whether it's something fun like a shot of them in the movie theatre sharing popcorn, working out together in a gym or challenging each other with a video game on the comfort of their own couch -- This Planner thinks that these photos share that rare insight into the couple's true coupledom and give guests something to talk about.


Bright, bold colour combos, soft palates and deep, rich tones are amazing to see at weddings and events. The use of metallics is even more amazing. We love pairing the cool, crisp colours of steel blue with jade or metallic gold with a rich berry. What makes these metallics even more amazing is their ability to adapt to any season -- steel blue and jade can make for an icy, wintery feel or a modernist, sophisticated summer soiree. Gold and berry can make the holidays bright or add a bit of haute to an already hot event.


The Royal Wedding brought about an influx in unique fascinators for weddings and events. Almost every gal out there  jumped onto that bandwagon and it has now become a fashion staple. What we're loving however, are Brides that are choosing more unique accessories to accompany their wedding gowns. From chunky bracelets, fake tattoo designs or words scrolled on their exposed skin and the wildest of hair accessories to bold anklets exposed when wearing high-low wedding gowns and bouquets made from unique materials,  Brides are finding unique ways to accessorize and make a statement and we love it!

Photos courtesy of OffBeat Bride (left) and Parant Haute Couture (right)



We love lounge-style weddings and events where the typical table rounds are replaced by couches and coffee tables, but the concept of lounges seem to be all or nothing. We love a combination of the two. If your function does incorporate the typical table rounds for dinner, why not set up lounge areas of couches and coffee tables in the corners of the room to give your event that certain 'je ne sais quois'. Whether simply a place for guests to chill during the party portion of the evening or upping the ante with a speciaty drink served to each lounge area, the VIP Lounge concept makes guests feel just a little bit special while adding class and sophistication to your event.


Hosting a holiday season party doesn't mean that you have to go with the typical festive themes like Ugly Sweater Parties or Tree Decorating. Why not take it one step in a different direction by hosting a "Breakfast with Santa" complete with reindeer shaped pancakes and a visit from Jolly Old Nick himself instead of the usual dinner party? Or make your party one notch more interactive and host a "Twelve Days of Christmas" party where guests partake in a Scavenger Hunt for items in the song hidden in your neighborhood. Follow this fun, day-long event with a bon fire, carols and serve up marshmellows with hot cocoa. With so many holiday parties happening this time of year, make yours the talk of the season.

So there you have it -- our twelve days of Chistmas featuring some of our fave concepts and ideas for weddings and events. What are yours?



Christmas is almost upon us and so This Planner thought she'd share 12 of her favourite things to incorporate into weddings and events! So sit back with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy Part One of Et Lofte Events' 12 Days of Christmas/Events!


Pair completely different cultural cuisines to give your guests that "to-die-for" culinary experience. Whether it's Italian with Asian like Risotto infused with wasabi or ginger or French with Asian with Pan-seared sweetbread with veal and ancho chili dumplings served with Sichuan pickled relish, opting for uniquely paired cuisine will create that perfect party on the palate.


What is a better, more interactive way to pass the time during a cocktail function/hour than to make your own, personalized cologne or perfume? This Planner first saw the concept while reading about Shannon Doherty's wedding and was super stoked to see that Aromachology here in Toronto offers this service to wedding bliss everywhere. Guests get to create custom-created perfumes and personalized colognes at an on-site, pretty boutique-like set-up and store their wizardry in a bottle customized to the couple.


Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Once upon a time, the Bride and Groom didn't stay until the end of their wedding reception. Well, they stayed almost to the end, but then they changed their outfits, said their good-byes and were sent off to their honeymoon with cheers from their loved ones. I love it when couples reach back to the good ol' days and reserrect this concept. But I love it even more when they arrange their departure with a bang! Sure you can go for the more common send-off via fireworks or crowds of guests waving sparklers or you can go for the more dramatic affect such as guests forming two long lines, each holding lit candles to create a lit pathway for their exit or a marching band leading the way out.


Ok, so having your wedding reception in an art-gallery is nothing new. In fact, it's a quite popular locale for sleek, modernist, intimate weddings. However, what we're loving right now is incorporating the concept of the Art Gallery as a means of personalizing weddings. Forgo the typical slideshow la-di-da and picture your wedding in a stark white or stone-walled room with oversized black and white photographs of your relationship and personal family histories on display on the walls throughout. Something to look at, something to talk about and definitely a subtle, yet striking touch.


Don't just go for the uber glamorous cake at your next function, take it one step further and match it with a flavor combo that's simply divine. Sure you can go the typical red velvet or ganache but why not stray from the ordinary and choose flavors that make you go "huh?" and "yum!" at the same time. From the sweet surprises like coconut with caramel/chocolate mousse a la Andy's Wedding Cakes to the wild and crazy like raspberry lemonade, the possibilities are endless!


Photo courtesy of Figgie Shoes

There is nothing more awesome than pairing a cute party dress or wedding gown with the ultimate in gorgeous shoes. What's even better is having customized, hand-painted shoes! We love that Figgie Shoes ships globally and whether pretty and posh or fun and funky, there's nothing that this artist can't do to personalize your tootsies!


Ok, having a cappucino, esspresso or hot chocolate station isn't exactly unique. It's fun and cute, but not unique. So we're loving the twist on the typical by having a station towards the end of your festive soiree that offers up a variety of warm cocktails. Think drinks like Hot Toddy's, Hot Cafe Denis (coffee, kahlua and Baileys), Hot Peppermint Patties, Hot Buttered Whiskey or even as far out as Bloody Bulls (grey goose, warmed bloody mary mix and a dash of beef broth).

Photo courtsey of Martha Stewart

Stay tuned for Part Two of our 12 Days of Christmas/Events!



The holidays are among us and in addition to the usual fa-la-la, some couples choose this festive time of year to get married. But Christmas weddings don't have to always be winter wonderlands or holly. I'm sure you've already seen our fave unique Christmas Wedding Theme for 2011. And we'd love to share some of our other ideas but this year we thought we'd put the call out to our fabulous Facebook and Twitter pals to see just how creative they can get with unique details for Christmas Weddings. We got a ton of responses and are more than merry to share some of the best here:

"Rustic winter...fau fur carpets under the tables and furs on the back of the chairs, some sort of fire log centerpiece, antlers on the wall...log cabin feel...with a fire place, bon fire smoked hors d'ouevres...favors wrapped as gifts...and a Christmas tree in the middle of the dance floor. Have a game where people dance around it and can win a prize" -- Renee Ferguson

"Nightmare Before Christmas could do really bloody or more cartoony like the film. Black and white...sparkly..." -- Erika Anne Dumencu

"A chestnut roast!" -- Cassiopeia Leigh

"55 ft fir tree with lights and a real live manger underneath!" - @JaniceLynnLewis

"A giant gingerbread house in lieu of a cake. Intricately decorated of course. A mass kris kringle exchange would be awesome too depending on the crowd." -- Nadia Frappa Oppedisano

"A Santa area where the adult guests get to sit on Santa's lap, tell them what they want for Christmas and get a photo taken with him as a wedding keepsake. Seriously, how often do WE get to do that?" -- @et_lofte_events

"Who-ville [theme]. There are Dr. Suess Christmas village houses available. You could use one house per table for a centerpiece or surrounding a wedding cake. The couple can use the houses as part of their [holiday] home decorations after the wedding. Or a Hawaiian wedding 'Mele Kalikimaka'! " -- Louise Drinnan

"Santa's Village Theme: servers dressed as elves, milk and cookie shots garnished with cookie [crumbs], female servers dressed as reindeer (antler headbands, red poofs for tails) on hoops suspended from the ceiling pouring champagne by the bar, DJ dressed as Santa?"
--  Deanna Ouzounis

"A Cake truffle tower where they are rolled in coconut so it looks like a pile of snow balls"
-- @dessertxdesign

Think YOU can top these ideas? Let's hear 'em!